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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story



From The Family CEO President and Founder, Adrian Leon:

The Family CEO business evolved from my experience dealing with entrepreneurs and wealthy families in private banking and from research I carried out on the family office concept. My questions were the following:

• Why are clients sitting across my desk talking to me when they should be spending their time enjoying their wealth?

• If I can provide a service that lets the clients retain control of their affairs, but provides them with peace of mind and saves them time, how much of a need would there be for this?

• Do I want to work for one family or work for multiple families?

This is how The Family CEO started as an idea in 2008, shortly after I left the banking industry, and evolved into the thriving business it now is today. There is no doubt in my mind that families need this service.

After almost a decade of successfully helping a select group of families, the big question was “How do I grow The Family CEO to help more families?" Every point is written in my business plan dealing with matters on which I thought I could advise clients had become a reality. I had to leverage the business model and add other CEOs.

To facilitate such growth, Ian Jay joined the Family CEO in 2016. Our styles and variety of professional experiences complement each other and work to the benefit of our clients.