Giving You Back Time

The 2 Hemispheres of The Family CEO



You are a great success. However, balancing business and personal affairs is challenging and you need to address it. 

The Family CEO will orchestrate your family's financial affairs with trusted and experienced perspective. 

We are the support you've been looking for, helping you achieve your goals for today and tomorrow


You've had the unexpected happen. Now you need to make educated decisions in areas of your life you may know little to nothing about. 

With The Family CEO's Experience and exclusive team of networked professionals, we advocate and champion for you with confidentiality and decorum

You, the family members are the owners, board of directors and shareholders of the family. As your Family CEO, we are your highest-ranking officer, the chief of your team of professionals that supports and serves your family's day-to-day administrative matters.

Affluent families are impacted by banking, investment management, insurance, estate planning, death, divorce, elderly care issues, philanthropic causes, education of the next generation, transition of wealth, accounting and legal concerns. Handling these various matters on their own can be a daunting task.

What if you had an independent and impartial professional, working directly for your family to coordinate your financial lives? What if you could delegate the daily administrative tasks and add another layer of risk management to your existing family advisers? Now you can with The Family CEO.


We manage your affluence… you enjoy it.


Adrian Leon



Ian Jay

Family CEO